Self Heating Thourmaline Knee pad Belt

Product Code: KNEEPAD

BDT 1,050.0   BDT 850.0


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Product Description:

Health Care Tourmaline Self Heating Knee Pad Magnetic Therapy Support Adjustable Knee Massager Relieve Leg Pain & Bone Care.

Made of Nano Material Synthesis.

Soft and Elastic Fabric, Safe and Comfortable.

Through body heat, negative ions, and far-infrared, gerates deep hot effects.

Improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, clear the meridians and enhance immunity.

Fit Body

Warm Air

Protect The Knees

Thermal Protection

Product Details:

Comfort Index:

* Fit Curve * High-Strength Design * Comfortable Breathable * Reduce Allergence

* Premium Thourmaline self-heating physiotherpy face.

* High quality built-in Physiotherapy magnet.

* Free adjustment of self - adhesive buckle.

Product Ingredients:

  1. Thourmaline
  2. Bamboo Charcoal
  3. Magnet


  • 1) Open the knee protector product and place the white heat part around the knee skin.
  • 2) Paste the openings of both sides.
  • TIPS:
  • 1) After 20 minutes, feel the heat, wipe the skin surface with a wet towel to heat better.
  • 2) Twice a day, about 3 Hours each time, don't use when sleeping.

Applicable Crowd:

1) Artritis

2) Joint Discomfort

3) Muscle Injury

4) Bone Hyperplasia

5) Rheumatism

PRICE: 1 PAIR (2 Pcs), BDT: 850/=

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