Gastrointestinal Stomach Patch- গ্যাস্ট্রিকের ব্যাথা উপশম প্লাস্টার।

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BDT 850.0   BDT 650.0


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    Stomach pain acid reflux
    Diarrhea,gastric ulcer Herbal Gastrointestinal Plaster Stomach patch to treat gastritis
    Pain Relief from Gastric Ulcer
    Easy Use

Ingredients] Rhizoma coptidis, Myristica,aucklandiae radix,rhizome of swordlike atractylodes,fraccus amomi,dried ginger,white peony root,rhizoma corydalis,medical dogwood
[Performance] motivate circulation of qi and blood,remove dampness,strenthen spleen and atomach.
[Application] Abdominal fullness, epigastric pain, colitis, indigestion, anorexia, diarrhea due to the weakness of the spleen and stomach .  
[Use-method] External use only, stick the plaster on the navel, each plaster can be used for 1-2 days ,1 piece every time .
[Caution] 1,can’t be applied to injured skins.;
            2,this product should not used for pregnant and skin allergies.
[Adverse reactions] have not yet found significant adverse reactions.
[gauge] 2g/ bag; 3 bag / box
PRICE: 3 Pcs in a box, BDT 650/=


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