Prostatic Naval Plaster for Kidney Problem

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1box=5pcs/lot Improve Kidney Problem Sexual Problem Disfunction Male Health Prostate Plasters

The ingredients are freeze-dried onto the patch and absorbed by your body upon contact with your skin. This product is great for men who suffer with frequent bathroom visits, sudden urges to urinate, a weak stream and pain when urinating. Our patches are discreet, waterproof and easy to use - just change your patch once a day.

How does Prostate Patch work?

The prostate patch belongs to a traditional Chinese medicine ointment patch for pain-relieving, diuresis, detumescence, disinfection and anti-virus. The patch adopts special human body subcutaneous super strong infiltration principle, which is directly applied to the navel of a patient, and the medicine is directly, quickly and non interruptedly permeated to the prostate with disease, which directly softens capsule, quickens gland retraction, quickens blood circulation and effectively regulating the nerve and the viscera of human bodies through the effective component of the medicine, thereby curing prostate disease in stereoscopic manner. Under the effect of the medicine, each tissue comprehensively realizes function, which gradually subtracts blood stasis swollen inflammation and recovers healthy state of human bodies. General patients with symptoms of pollakiuria, urgency of urination, waiting of urination and urinary stuttering and so on can be effectively relieved, patients who insist using the product for 1-2 moths can get the rid of the annoyance caused by prostatitis and hyperplasia.

Main Ingredients:

Saw Palmetto,Scorpio,Centipede,pseudo-ginseng,Sanguisuge,Vaccaria segetalis,radix sophorae flavescentis,Flowering herb,HERBA HEDYOTIS DIFFUSAE ,borneol.peppermint


Alleviate Symptoms Of Common Prostate Related Disorders

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH)

Reduce heat and damp

Frequent Urination

Bacterial prostatitis

Feelings Of Incomplete Urination


Pain In The Loins And Sacrum

Pain In The Perineum

Urgent urination

Painful urination

Epdidymis And Testes

Nonbacterial prostatitis

Sexual Dysfunction

Incomplete Erection

Insomnia And Tirednes

How to use Prostate Patch?

1. Clean the navel area with warm water

2. Open the pouch

3. Get the patch out and remove the attached paper from one side

4. Apply patch with its adhesive side down to navel

5. One patch can be used for 2-3 days

6. Remove patch and clean the skin

7. Repeat the procedure in 24 hours.

8. Treatment consists of 5 patches.

9. The best results are achieved after 2-3 treatments (10-15 patches)

Precautions :

DO NOT take spicy food in your diet during treatment.

DO NOT drink any alcoholic beverages during treatment.

DO NOT apply “Prostate Patch” directly to open wounds/scratched skin/lacerations.

Do NOT apply Prostate Patch if you are allergic to any of the components of the Prostate Patch

The patch size:diametre 10cm

Packing:1patch/bag 5bags/lot



  • Brand Name: GSPLAST
  • Model Number: 90001
  • Application: Body
  • Properties: Other
  • Product name: Prostate Patch
  • Material: 100% natural
  • Size: diameter 10cm
  • Applicable parts: adhesive side down to navel
  • Ingredient: Saw Palmetto,Scorpio,Centipede,etc
  • Indications1: Reduce heat and damp
  • Indications2: Frequent Urination
  • Indications3: Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
  • Packing: 1patch/foilbag (5bags/lot)

Price: BDT 650

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